Gemmy Introduces My Pet Hummingbird Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

In the tradition of Butterfly Collection and Fincredibles, Gemmy is now proud to present My Pet Hummingbird! Oh sure, you might say, “Wait, that sounds exactly the same. How is this different?”

Well, it’s funny you should ask.

It’s unlike anything we’ve done before. It still uses the patented technology that brought our insects and fish to life, but in a whole new and realistic way. First off, there’s no glass jar involved here. No sir, there’s just a pretty bouquet of flowers and a hummingbird so real…

How real is it?

It’s so real…that you’ll have to look twice, especially when the little guy swoops in like he’s taking pollen from the flower.  It’s lifelike in its movements, and as with our other pets, you get all of the fun without the clean up.

Oh, and it’s *cough, cough* a pretty good idea for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner, FYI. We’re just going to leave it at that.

So take a look at the video, Click here, for a glimpse into Gemmy’s latest triumph.